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Company health management

Attendance management, absence screening, monitoring incapacity for work and medical certificates, dossiers for case management from prevention to integration, monitoring of continued pay/deadlines and pending cases, document templates, progress reports, graphic evaluations, requests for information

Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement Cockpit
Berufliche Integration Absenzkalender
Occupational integration

Intake, case management with several measures, powers of attorney, targets with performance monitoring, workstations, absence and medical certificate monitoring, progress documentation with service recording and expense management, invoicing and billing, document templates, graphic evaluations, interim and final reports

Case management for victim support

Applications, time limit control and maintenance, victims and relatives, offenders, criminal offenses, criminal proceedings, claims and damage items, pre-prepared preliminary decisions and orders, payment orders with approvals, recourse, audit-proof status and approval history, graphic evaluations, federal statistics

Fallführung Opferhilfe Pendenzenliste

from our own data centers in Switzerland

Datacenter operation

GHOST's operational data center is uncompromisingly designed to meet the needs of its own products and services. These meet the highest requirements for availability, data protection and data security and impress with outstanding response times. The operating data center is consistently equipped with green components, is operated by GHOST itself and is constantly kept technologically up-to-date.

Chart Absenzraten
Chart Absenz Irregularitäten
Datacenter Backup

GHOST operates a geo-redundant backup data center. Today, this is used exclusively for data security. The operating and backup data centers are synchronized around the clock. This is done exclusively via a secure connection. The backup data center will be expanded into a second operating data center in the medium term.


Specialist in the development and operation of web-based software solutions since 1994

GHOST was founded in the Technopark Zurich in 1994.

GHOST is self-financed and managed by its owners. Since its foundation, its core competence has been the development and operation of web applications. These meet the highest standards of reliability, security and performance.

Benefits of GHOST

GHOST develops competitive web-based software in Switzerland. We operate our solutions in our own datacenters in Switzerland. GHOST guarantees fast, risk-free and cost-effective projects. GHOST's customers receive robust, sustainable and scalable solutions. Our datacenters are secure and 100% available.

Success factors

Own software platform CURAYO, mature and proven concept (LowCode, ReUse, Generation, Automation, Prototyping)

Highly qualified staff in Switzerland (business IT specialists with specializations), many years of experience from large-scale projects and very complex environments


A registered trademark of GHOST since 2007

The CURAYO brand guarantees its customers high-quality IT services based on Drupal.


CURAYO extends the Drupal platform in the areas of business processes, security and integration and forms the basis for GHOST's solutions.

Benefits of CURAYO

CURAYO is both a concept for the efficient implementation of web applications and the implementation of this concept on the basis of Drupal.

The implementation of CURAYO comprises several modules. These build on each other and together form the CURAYO web application framework.

"CURAYO has exceeded everything
we had initially imagined."

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Kreuzstrasse 54

8008 Zurich

+41 76 581 39 80

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